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Dan Petrovic

SEO Consultant

I help big brands and in-house marketing teams solve complex SEO problems and discover new traffic opportunities.

Advanced Data Analysis

Using specialised in-house tools, I am able to quickly surface most exciting growth areas for any website. My discovery process includes CTR and rank-based optimisation opportunity detection, SEO experiments and commercial value assessment.

Web Content

Most of today’s content is incompatible with people’s digital reading habits. I help my clients implement content strategies that fully satisfy their audiences. This involves data analysis, research, format selection, user intent and various technical consideration.

Link Building

I have two decades of experience in link building. The key to success of any outreach campaign is in content quality, targeting and scaling. But the real magic happens when an element of creativity is introduced as well.

SEO Strategy

A great SEO strategy is a result of thorough data analysis and deep understanding of the business, its customers and competitors. What makes an extraordinary strategy is understanding what to do and when. A clear and organised schedule of activities sorted by their impact .